Curriculum Vitae: Russell Sager Horton


MA Linguistics, The University of California, San Diego
AB Linguistics, The University of Chicago
High School, George Stevens Academy, Blue Hill, Maine, 1998
Salutatorian, National Merit Scholarship
SAT:: 800 verbal, 780 quantitative, 800 writing


2016 - 2017 Lead Data Scientist
2015 - 2016 Data Scientist at Verizon Labs
2014 - 2015
Senior Data Scientist at EcoHealth Aliiance
2008 - 2014
Computational Linguist at Reverb (FKA Wordnik)
2004 - 2009
Programmer Analyst at The University of Chicago

2002 - 2003

Web Developer at eJungle Engineering, San Diego, California

2001 - 2002

Web Developer at Baobab Software, Paris, France

2000 - 2002

Web Developer at The University of Chicago Admissions IT

1999 - 2000

Technician at UChicago Lab Schools Information Systems


Conference Papers

Invited Presentations

  • "'Ever since nineteen, had a perfect rhyme scheme': A corpus study of English rap rhyme" Networks and Network Analysis for the Humanities: Reunion Conference, The University of California at Los Angeles, Oct 20 - 22 2011. (html)
  • with Mark Olsen. Sequence Alignment, Shared Services, and Digital Humanities, Project Bamboo Workshop, Tucson, Arizona, January 2009.
  • with Robert Morrissey, "The ARTFL Project: From words to works", The Dilemmas of Digitization, Oxford University, May 22-24, 2008.


  • with Cody Brimhall and Emily Morgan, "A machine learning approach to rhythmic classification of languages", Journal of the Acoustic Society of America, Volume 128, Issue 4, pp. 2478-2478 (2010) (html).


  • with Hu, Si Ying D. and Medapati, Suri B, "Automatic Media Summary Creation Systems and Methods" (pending) -- United States 20150300, March 2015
    NLP and machine learning techniques for computational media summarization and indexing
  • with Allen, Timothy and McKean, Erin, "Data Mining for Free Range Definitions" -- United States WORD 1000-1, February 2011
    Technique for data mining sentences that best illustrate the meaning of candidate words


  • Winner, 2010 NAACL HLT Poetry Contest :)
  • Erdős number 4: Shlomo Argamon → Sarit Kraus → Menachem Magidor → Paul Erdős